Doug White Raffle Tickets - Autumn Woodcock

Doug White Raffle Tickets - Autumn Woodcock

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Drawing will take place after February 14, 2023.

One Raffle Ticket - $5.00

Five Raffle Tickets - $20.00

A Note from Doug White, local wood carving artist:

"This year I did four pieces representing the four seasons. All were created using wood gathered on Cincinnati Nature Center's Property. 

A southbound American woodcock resting on a decaying log sprouting Marasmius mushrooms and holding some freshly fallen hickory nuts and acorns including one a chipmunk already found. The woodcock is black cherry from the Whitetail Trace, the mushrooms are hackberry from the Barred Owl Trail, and the log came from the Woodpecker Trail."

Tickets will not be mailed. Your information will be automatically included in the raffle.

All proceeds from the sale of this work go to Cincinnati Nature Center to aid in the continuation of conserving native species.